Classic Promotions: Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country Festivals

Welcome to Classic-Promotions, the premier company dedicated to producing unforgettable Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country festivals. Owned by Allen Dyer, Classic-Promotions has merged with Jordan Entertainment, a company established in 2001 and owned by Lorraine Jordan. Jordan Entertainment is renowned for hosting spectacular events like Bluegrass Christmas in the Smokies and Bluegrass in the Blue Ridge.

Together, Allen Dyer and Lorraine Jordan are committed to creating classic music festivals that preserve family fun traditions while introducing innovative and exciting experiences for all fans. We are thrilled to announce their newest event, the Cherokee Bluegrass Festival. This festival is held annually during the first week of June at the Happy Holiday Campground in Cherokee, North Carolina. We warmly welcome you to join us for this exceptional celebration of music and tradition.

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Our Mission

At Classic Promotions, our mission is to celebrate and enhance the Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country festivals community by organizing high-quality festivals that honor each genre's roots and embrace its evolving future. We aim to create a vibrant and inclusive environment where bluegrass enthusiasts can come together to enjoy live performances, workshops, and community events.

Signature Festivals

2025 Cherokee Bluegrass Festival: Join us for a celebration of tradition and excellence at the renowned Cherokee Bluegrass Festival. As stewards of this iconic event, we are dedicated to maintaining its legacy of outstanding performances, welcoming atmosphere, and top-tier organization. Experience the best in bluegrass music with artists who have defined the genre and new talents who are shaping its future.

Creating New Festivals

Allen Dyer and Lorraine, with their extensive experience and passion for music, are committed to innovating within the festival landscape. Classic Promotions is excited to announce the launch of several new festivals designed to bring Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country festivals to new audiences and locales. Stay tuned for announcements about upcoming events that will blend classic bluegrass sounds with fresh, contemporary experiences.

About Classic Promotions

Expertise and Passion: With decades of combined experience, Allen Dyer and Lorraine Jordan bring unparalleled knowledge and enthusiasm to every festival they produce.

Community Focus: Classic Promotions believes in the power of music to bring people together. Its festivals are designed to foster a sense of community and camaraderie among attendees.

Quality and Tradition: Classic Promotions honors the heritage of Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music while incorporating modern elements to ensure a dynamic and enjoyable experience for all.

2025 Cherokee Flyer

2025 Cherokee Flyer

2025 Cherokee Flyer

Disclaimer: Please note that all event details, including but not limited to the lineup of bands, performance times, and schedule, are subject to change. Classic Promotions endeavors to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information; however, we cannot guarantee that the details presented will remain unchanged. Circumstances beyond our control, such as artist availability, technical issues, or unforeseen events, may necessitate alterations. Consequently, Classic Promotions is not responsible for any modifications to band lineups, performance times, or other event aspects that may occur. We appreciate your understanding and recommend checking for updates regularly.