Classic Promotions Launches to Revolutionize Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country Festivals

Garner, NC – 07/05/2024 – Today marks the exciting launch of Classic Promotions, a premier festival production company dedicated to Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music. This new venture, spearheaded by industry veterans Allen Dyer and Lorraine Jordan, promises to elevate the festival experience by blending tradition with innovative elements.

A Merger of Expertise

Classic Promotions emerges from the strategic merger of Allen Dyer's visionary leadership and Lorraine Jordan's celebrated Jordan Entertainment, established in 2001. Jordan Entertainment is known for iconic events like Bluegrass Christmas in the Smokies and Bluegrass in the Blue Ridge. The fusion of these entities brings decades of combined experience and a shared passion for music.

A Commitment to Quality and Tradition

At Classic Promotions, the mission is clear: to celebrate and enhance the Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music communities through high-quality festivals that honor each genre's roots while embracing its evolving future. By fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment, Classic Promotions aims to bring together music enthusiasts of all ages for live performances, workshops, and community events.

Signature Festivals and New Ventures

Among the highlights of Classic Promotions' event lineup is the renowned Cherokee Bluegrass Festival, held annually during the first week of June at the Happy Holiday Campground in Cherokee, North Carolina. This festival, known for its outstanding performances and welcoming atmosphere, is a testament to Classic Promotions' commitment to excellence.

Additionally, Classic Promotions is thrilled to announce the launch of several new festivals. These events will introduce Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music to new audiences and locations, blending classic sounds with contemporary experiences.

Quotes from the Founders

"Classic Promotions is not just about hosting festivals; it's about creating an immersive experience that celebrates the rich heritage of Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music," said Allen Dyer, Co-founder of Classic Promotions.

Lorraine Jordan, Co-founder of Classic Promotions, added, "Our goal is to bring people together through music, fostering a sense of community and connection that transcends generations."

About Classic Promotions

Classic Promotions, led by Allen Dyer and Lorraine Jordan, is committed to creating memorable music festivals that foster community and camaraderie. With a focus on quality, tradition, and innovation, Classic Promotions aims to be the leading force in the festival landscape.

Contact Information

For more information about Classic Promotions and their upcoming events, please visit Classic Promotions or contact:

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: (919) 526-0662
  • Address: 4620 Benson Rd., Garner, NC 27529

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What is Classic Promotions? Classic Promotions is a festival production company specializing in Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music events, led by Allen Dyer and Lorraine Jordan.

What are some signature events hosted by Classic Promotions? One of the flagship events is the Cherokee Bluegrass Festival, held annually in Cherokee, North Carolina.

How can I purchase tickets for Classic Promotions' festivals? Tickets can be purchased through the official Classic Promotions website or through their partner platforms.

Who are Classic Promotions' founders? The company is owned by Allen Dyer and merged with Lorraine Jordan of Jordan Entertainment, both of whom have extensive experience in the music festival industry.

Are there opportunities to become a vendor at Classic Promotions events? Yes, interested vendors can apply through the vendor application form available on the Classic Promotions website.

How can I stay updated on upcoming events? You can follow Classic Promotions on their social media channels and regularly check their website for announcements.

Classic Promotions is set to redefine the landscape of Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music festivals. With a strong foundation of experience and a clear vision for the future, Allen Dyer and Lorraine Jordan are poised to create unforgettable experiences for music lovers everywhere. Whether you are a longtime fan of these genres or a newcomer, Classic Promotions invites you to join them in celebrating the timeless traditions and exciting innovations of Acoustic, Bluegrass, and Classic Country music.

2025 Cherokee Flyer

2025 Cherokee Flyer

2025 Cherokee Flyer

Disclaimer: Please note that all event details, including but not limited to the lineup of bands, performance times, and schedule, are subject to change. Classic Promotions endeavors to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information; however, we cannot guarantee that the details presented will remain unchanged. Circumstances beyond our control, such as artist availability, technical issues, or unforeseen events, may necessitate alterations. Consequently, Classic Promotions is not responsible for any modifications to band lineups, performance times, or other event aspects that may occur. We appreciate your understanding and recommend checking for updates regularly.